Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kearney Day Away

I wanted to share some photos from this Monday. Hallmark owns a farm in north east Missouri, just 30 or so minutes from Kansas City in a town called Kearney. It's mainly used as a retreat by different departments, to hold workshops, learn new trades, get inspired, etc. It was really great, apparently my department goes up there at least once a year. We had breakfast, and then we carved and painted pumpkins, followed by a wonderful potluck lunch, hiking through the numerous trails that the farm had, and just general bonding.

That funny pumpkin in the front was mine. Great time!

Oh I had to take a photo of the apples! the farm had apple trees and a pear tree, I thought it was so cool, I've only seen an apple tree three times in my life (we don't have those in florida), haha

There was a few kayaks close by that we could have used in this pond, but it was too cold to try.


Jeanee said...

Great photos Marcos!!!

I didn't walk on that rickety plank to the pond. Yikes!!!

Anonymous said...

love it! nice post!