Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hello! From the New Blogger

Hi! I'm Marcos! :B 

I just started working full time here at Hallmark (this just happens to be my 3rd week). But I'm not entirely new to this creative community, I actually had the pleasure of working as a Creative Intern in this summer's Hallmark Internship, and was offered a position at the end! Wooh. My home department is Greetings Innovation, (the same department as Josh), working with Light, Sound and Motion.

I am a Graphic & Interactive Designer born in Puerto Rico then transplanted to Florida, and I graduated this year from Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota. This has been my first time ever in the Midwest, and I've had a great time so far, I really enjoy exploring Kansas City!, and finding hidden gems. I'm really into the local art scene, thrifting/antiquing, music, doodling, Frida Kahlo, and astronomy. 

I hope to blog about all my adventures around town. 
Yay I'm happy to be part of cre•a•tiv•i•ty!


Jeanee said...

Hey Marcos! I'm so glad that you're with us!!!

Josh said...

sweet! good to have another guy on the team marcos.

Erin said...

welcome!! and thanks for joining our team. i can't wait to hear all about your thrifting and flea market adventures (and other kc explorations) on cre•a•tiv•i•ty!