Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Wordiest Week Ever!

First of all, please excuse my tardiness. I know that Word Week happened ions ago and I’m just posting, but I needed a little extra time to let the goodness simmer before I could talk about it. Yeah, that’s what it was… I needed time to let the goodness simmer. I’m not a procrastinator at all.

Any-who, Word Week is an entire week dedicated to celebrating the overall awesomeness that the written word contributes to Hallmark and the world. And in my opinion, it’s a beautiful thang. The entire week was comprised of excellent speakers, showcases of internal Hallmark talent, and most importantly, refreshments.

Everything was on point.

However, I must say that my favorite event was The Coffee House Reading on Friday. This is when Hallmark writers read pieces of their work; personal and private. You would not believe how amazing it was. I felt privileged to be in the company of such brilliant writers. Some were funny as all get-out. Some were serious as a heart attack. And others expressed a vulnerability that induced tears. It was truly a bonding experience.

All in all, I give Word Week two enthusiastic thumbs up! It’s fine holiday fun for the entire family.

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Erin said...

keion! you neglected to mention that YOU read one of YOUR pieces at the coffeehouse readings on Friday!! i was not there, but many of my friends were, and they said you did a great job!

thanks for the word week review and for sharing your insights!