Thursday, October 16, 2008


It's the 10th annual Word Week at Hallmark. It's not all about designing pretty stuff here. There are writers that inspire the designs we create. Sometimes I feel like they get left out, so I'm glad that there is a week dedicated to words.

Actually this is my first time in the three years that I've been at Hallmark that I've attended Word Week. As a designer I thought that the presentations wouldn't pertain to me. What do I have to do with words?

However today's presentation by mommy blogger, Heather Armstrong, aka Dooce (one of the most visited blogs in America), was very inspirational to me.

First of all she was so funny! Her sarcastic, dark sense of humor had me laughing and intrigued during her whole presentation.

Just this summer I started going to her blog. But I never read it (I'm a designer... I don't read). I just glanced at her daily images. So I had NO IDEA that her daily entries of her life were so raw and humorous.

But Heather inspired me to share more personal experiences on the FIVE blogs I have. I tend to only say a product is cute or simply state what I did. I never talk about that I blog a lot, work a full day, figure out the next ATC trade topic, teach fitness classes (and still hate my thighs), keep up with my apron business, and a newlywed without a sofa and no time to post honeymoon photos on my Flickr page. I never talk about how people think I have it together and I'm SO organized when really feel like I'm going senile with the millions lists I have lying around trying to prioritize my life.

So from now on I'm going to be a little more personable on my blogs instead of just showing cool stuff.

Thanks for the motivation Heather!


Erin said...

love it! so sad i had to miss it, but thanks for the inspiring post, jeanee!

Erin said...

p.s. i LOVE word week -- i've been at hallmark 4 years and go every year. SO EXCITED for the coffeehouse readings tomorrow!

T-Bit said...

"I'm a designer... I don't read" JEANEEE....nooooo don't say that!! It hurts me inside.

Jeanee said...

Considering I have a BA in journalism you'd think I read... but I just glance over all of the words and just look at the images.

When I worked for Borders I had a monthly book club. But I stopped when I left. I dunno what happened.

My new year's resolution will be to try to read more (of something).