Thursday, June 28, 2007

The first post!

WOO HOO! I don't know if those who blog ("bloggers" - guess that's me now!) usually celebrate their first post, but I am certainly going to! I'd like to thank my mom and dad, my boyfriend, my sisters, my friends, my boss, my team at work, my roommate, her cats.... Ok, you get the idea. I'm very excited to be up and running on (guess I should thank them too!). Cheers to my first post!

I am an entry-level blogger, but I have a lot to share with anyone who is interested in all things creative. I plan to share my own perspectives and advice on creativity (my background is in graphic design), but I also want to talk about the place where I work. A place where I come every day. A place that inspires me to be creative. A place where I can be myself. A place that is respected an known across the world. A place that houses over 1400 creatives who do what they love to do every day. That place is Hallmark Cards, Inc.

This won't be a place where Hallmark is "advertised" or where all we talk about is greeting cards (Note: Hallmark creates much more than cards). This is a true story about the creative journey I am on, and the awe-inspiring company that I call home. This is a place to share stories. This is a place for conversation and exploration, for questions, and for ideas. I want to hear from you. I want to hear your stories, thoughts, feelings, and opinions. Let's be creative!

(and again, YAY to my first post)!