Thursday, October 9, 2008

Green :: Double-bonus!

It's on everyone's mind: the economy, high gas prices, the environment, global warming... The list goes on. But starting October 1, Hallmark employees can rest a little easier with some help from the powers that be here at our World Headquarters.

To help offset continued high gas prices and encourage mass transit, Hallmark is offering financial incentives for employees who choose to take a bus or vanpool to work. Hallmark is now subsidizing half the total cost of a monthly bus pass for the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (The Metro) or Johnson County Transit (The Jo) for employees who opt to use these methods of transit. Vanpools are also available to employees. Here are some sweet details:

-Kansas City employees may purchase one monthly bus pass for their personal use using payroll deduction (yay!)
-Vanpool riders pay a monthly fee, also payroll deducted, that varies based on mileage and the number of van passengers. (sweet!)
-Employees who drive a van commute for free and may use the van — which Hallmark provides — for personal driving as well (wow!)
-Hallmarkers who commute by bus or vanpool also are guaranteed two free taxi rides home each year in the event of emergencies or illness. (awesome!) This benefit also is available to carpool participants or bicycle commuters. (excellent!)

Double-bonus: Hallmark helps pay for mass-transit and We lessen our impact on the environment! Gosh, we work for a great company!


Lorraine said...

Sweetness! Now if only my office would do that...and if only we had the light rail in place.

Erin said...

i agree! vote yes for light rail!!