Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer Veggies

image source: civileats

I'm really enjoying summer in Kansas City, (despite the heat) - one reason is the fact that a lot of summer veggies are in season! I've been going to the River Market on the weekends to check out the local produce and, just a couple month's ago I was introduced to a Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) program at work.

Basically this CSA consists of a group of Hallmarkers who pledged at the beginning of the season to support a farm operation (ours is Good Natured Family Farms). For a very small weekly fee (about $20) I get a bag of great local grown vegetables, fruit, dairy, and meat. My pick up day is every wednesday, and this is "What's in the Bag" for today:

  • All Natural Beef Patties - Mountain View, Missouri
  • Farmhouse Cheese, Mild Cheddar or Pepper Jack - Durham, Kansas
  • Sweet Corn - Columbus, Nebraska
  • Peaches - Campbell, Missouri
  • Onions - Rich Hill, Missouri
  • Bell Peppers - Rich Hill, Missouri
  • Tomatoes - Rich Hill, Missouri
The CSA season runs through the early fall, and the produce changes up every week depending on what's ready for harvest. I always look forward to the email of what's in the bag for next week, it's such a nice surprise !

If you are a member of a local CSA program, tell me what's in the bag for you this week?