Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Holy Deliciousness!

I had to opportunity to visit one of my favorite places on earth (a big statement, I know, but oh so true) last Friday night during Kansas City's First Friday event in the Crossroads Art District. Not only is the new retail space for Christopher Elbow Chocolates stunning, but man, does it smell good! And, the delectable designed treats inside this little shop taste even better than they smell.

Emeril Lagasse, Jean Joho, American Restaurant, Eiffel Tower Restaurant, Oprah, Food & Wine, InStyle, Food Network, Elbow has influenced them all with his creativity and style -- and of course, his ability to make the most amazing chocolates. From Fresh Lime to Espresso With Lemon, Tahitian Vanilla Bean, or Passion Fruit -- you name it, Christopher Elbow has probably experimented with it at some point during his chocolate-making endeavors. Sometimes the most odd-sounding combinations are the most amazing flavors -- my pick -- Strawberry-Balsamic Caramel (but then again, I pretty much like them all).

Every First Friday night (and probably every other Friday night for that matter), you will find Christopher Elbow's little shop packed with all types of creative people, people who love chocolate, tourists, friends, and fans. No matter who is inside, one thing is certain: everyone is smiling, everyone is eating (or drinking) one of Christopher's tantalizing treats, and everyone is raving.

I'll leave you with a quote from his website that I think embodies the spirit of what I'm trying to say here. Head to his website, to read more, and while you are there, order some of these unique artisian sweets!

"Like most creative professionals, Christopher Elbow likes to experiment with different materials. But while some artists dabble in bronze or oils or clay, Christopher chooses some of the finest varieties of chocolate. Working in small batches, he meticulously sculpts tiny pieces of chocolate perfections into miniature works of art that look as exquisite as they taste. This is the inspired world of Christopher Elbow. Where modern culinary artistry meets traditional handcraftsmanship. Where taste experiences are rivaled only by visual sensations. Where the art of chocolate is expressed in beautiful, decadent pieces that are hand-created one at a time."