Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Welcome to This Crazy World!

Many people probably have no idea, but Hallmark has a totally killer image archive that holds images spanning at least as far back as Hallmarks existence (almost 100 years). This archive is so cool in fact, that i hear Urban Outfitters has asked if they could partake in its splendor. Every so often, we have an artist here use The Archive in a fun, new way. This month Chris has floored me. The sheer awesomeness and [what some people might call] "unHallmarkness" of Welcome to This Crazy World, i think, makes people double-take on the images. It definitely has inspired me to reconsider my hesitance at using the archives and thinking, "i don't think i can do anything manly with lots of watercolor flowers." Nice work Chris. Click the image to the right to get a taste. I don't know what else to say, so i think i will let the pictures do the talking.


Here are some pics from the reception:


Lorraine said...

Wow!! This looks amazing! Where's the exhibit at? Hallmark's gallery or somewhere down in the Crossroads? I'd love to get to see it up close.

Jeanee said...

lorraine: The exhibit is at Hallmark.

I had the pleasure working right next to Chris for awhile and I used to sneak peaks while he was working on this project. It turned out great! One of the best one-man shows @ Hallmark!