Monday, July 14, 2008


Last Thursday was another fun-filled monthly meeting in my Hallmark TrendPlant group.

Our object of our afternoon retail excursion was to see if the business had:
• theme or intent
• if the product or service reinforced by experience
• what could have been better
• what was great

First we went to Blue Grotto, a new pizza place in Brookside, for lunch.

This gorgeous place used to be some sock store. But now owner, Chris Graham makes authentic Italian pizza. The secret is this super-fine flour used in the crust, which Chris special orders for his pizza.

The place has only been open for like a month. So go check it out! (Sorry I didn't get any pics of the pizza, but the all LOOKED exceptional!).

Brookside had just started their summer sidewalk sale. After lunch we walked over to Shop Girls.

Super cute store with unique stuff. And a super cute business card.

Then we went next door to 5B & Co. Candlemakers. They make handmade candles.

Too many scents to smell! The food smells made me want dessert!

Then on the way back to Hallmark we went to B Bop comic store.

Love the store sign.

I even found a cute birdie Brookside brochure. I even found the new Blue Grotto restaurant listed!

I can't wait for our August TrendPlant outing!


Anonymous said...

fyi: jeanee's restaurant recommendations are AWESOME. i went to blanc burger (she mentioned it in a june post) and it's my new fave place. i'm going to have to try blue grotto now too....!

T-Bit said...

Jeanee, I think Chris and his wife went to Italy...unless I'm mistaken! (which I totally could be)

Jeanee said...

Erin: Thanks! I love to share good places to eat. Glad you liked Blanc! You'll like Blue Grotto too!

t-bit: Chris could of went to Italy. I put France. Not sure. I'll just take that little part out.