Thursday, July 31, 2008

MO Music (Part 2 - Hallmarker Edition)

There are so many note-worthy bands in Kansas City (and surrounding areas), that i could have dozens of these posts. But there won't be many this good. Haha. What can i say, Hallmarkers like to rock. Check it:

Softee - A lo-fi pop-rock four piece. All of the members cute girls, all of them designers. And you would be able to tell from the glorious posters, cd covers, and endless creative merchandise they have. My first month at Hallmark, i heard about these ladies more times than i did greeting cards. They don't disappoint either. The shows are always full of energy and way fun. Tomorrow, they have another butt-kicking performance, 10PM at the Brick, to kickoff there newest EP "Birds & Aliens" (see above poster). Expect good times, some surprises and a chance to buy a limited edition first run of the EP (w/ screen printed CD sleeve).
Playing with Softee, will be two other solid bands:
Big Surrender
The ACB's
I hope to see you there.

NoMathmatics - DJ-ing, retro video playing, dancing robot machines! Again, this brings another big crowd in KC. They encourage their crowds to come dawning sweatbands, 80's attire, or robot suits. And one of the guys is an art director on Shoebox. Why wouldn't you go really?

Travoltron - Nate and Samantha L. listed in our bloggers on the right, also are part of a band... this one. Sort of a disco indierock powerpop sound that makes you want to dance. I've only seen them once, but oh did i ever dance.

(you can totally tell they are creatives just by their flashy myspaces, huh?)

There are definitely some more Hallmark bands, but they escape me at the moment.

Some other notable bands this time around: The Architects, It's Over!, Aaron Hale and the Boy Detectives (EP out this Tues), Queen's Club

Stay tuned for part 3, which will likely be rap and hip-hop. If you have recommendations, please let me know!



Lorraine said...

Sweet! How much is the cover?

Marcos said...

Hey The SSION is from KC (KCAI), I actually didn't even know they were from here until I moved here, and saw them live a couple weeks ago at the recordbar, before then I had only heard a few of their songs on the internet, they're really good live

Anonymous said...

I think it's degrading that you referred to these ladies as "cute girls."

Josh said...

lorraine: to this moment i have no clue the cover because i got in on the guest list. gah, sorry. i hope you made it though!

marcos: awesome i have never heard of them. but i really like it. and judging by their tour with CSS i'm going to guess so a lot of other people.

mr./mrs. anonymous: or maybe it's degrading that you refer to these women as "ladies". ;) i'm going to assume they are ok with it because i have told them before.

Lorraine said...

Well, I ended up waiting in a line at the Apple store for so long that I missed out on heading there. But post again next time a good show comes up, because I'm out of the loop on good music here.