Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Green :: Donating Products for the Greater Good

Every business has some level of unsold products, and it can be a challenge to dispose of those products efficiently and responsibly. For Hallmark, the answer for many years has been to donate excess product inventory to help enrich the lives of less-fortunate people.

From 2006 to 2007, Hallmark doubled its product giving to a group of pre-approved charitable agencies serving the communities in which Hallmark operates. “By donating surplus products, we can support our core mission of enriching lives by strengthening relationships,” says Brenda, from Hallmark's Corporate Contributions Group. “We also minimize expenses associated with discarding products and keep those products out of landfills, which is environmentally responsible.”

Here are just a few examples of the organizations that Hallmark has benefited, while at the same time, keeping excess product out of landfills.

City Union Mission, which distributed last year’s Father’s Day T-shirts and boxer shorts to homeless men.
Harvesters, which packs Hallmark plates, napkins and cups along with canned food for its member agencies.
Head Start, where teachers use Hallmark stickers and stuffed animals to encourage good behavior.
The Guadalupe Center, which includes a senior center, youth development, and drug rehabilitation program, decorates the facility with piñatas and other party decorations.
Della Lamb Community Services, which takes bridal shower invitations and uses them for writing practice by refugees learning English through its adult education program.

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