Friday, July 11, 2008

MO Music (Part 1)

(and KS music too)

Pretty much anytime you see me here at work, I have my ears covered in headphones. Most likely dancing at my desk... like now. Music just keeps my creative juices flowing. I'd like to think that a lot of people are the same way. Believe it or not, Kansas City has a lot of offer when it comes to a music scene. Probably the biggest act from Kansas City, is American Idol winner David Cook, and of course there is always the jazz. If neither of these are your thing, maybe some of these will interest you:

The Get Up Kids - The Get Up Kids are probably the most recognizable indie band from the area. They're from Lawrence, KS, which is about 45 minutes from KC. Now defunct, the band originally laid ground for most of the bands in the scene today. Yeah, right there in the midwest. The New Amsterdams, The Terrible Twos, and Reggie and the Full Effect are the current spawns from TGUK. All of which are pretty notable.

The Terrible Twos - Out of that group, locally, Matt Pryor's children's music group, definitely get a lot of recognition — at least with the mothers. At the end of the month (July 29th) they have their latest effort coming out, and what songs i have heard from it i really like... what, it makes me feel young again. Like, 5 years old young.

Vedera - (vay-dare-ah) Freshly signed to Epic Records, they put their new EP on iTunes and now in a couple stores in Kansas. It's just 3 songs from their upcoming full length due out soon. This weekend they have a show at the Beaumont Club here in KC, and then they are back out on the road to do some west coast shows. I really recommend checking this one out on MySpace.

Republic Tigers - Appearing on Letterman, and as background music on the ever-popular Grey's Anatomy, Buildings and Mountains has become the juggernaut that launched the Republic Tigers into stardom. But they still hang out here. In fact, I saw a couple members on July 4th just having a good time with friends like the rest of us. They used to just play the local bars here in KC, and love the Record Bar, their old stomping ground. But for now, at least until August, they are on the road, so you should look them up.

I saved a bunch of artist for another time because the post was getting a little lengthy. I hope that tickles your creativity for now.



The Rustic Owl said...

You forgot about Tech N9ne!

Josh said...

holy crap! i had no idea. i guess i know where to go with the next "part" then. thanks! let me know if you have any more suggestions.