Friday, February 22, 2008

Trend Week : Day 5

Being green is becoming quite the trend. But our speaker today for Trend Week started his project without even thinking about the environmental benefits.

Chad Pregracke grew up on the Mississippi River in the Quad Cities. (I'm from Iowa so that's why I chose to say he's from the Quad Cities and not the more specific East Moline, Illinois.) As a high school student and an off-again-on-again college student , Chad worked on the river and loathed all the garbage he saw. Not just Coke cans and grocery sacks, but bigger things like tires. Refrigerators. Tractors. Oil drums.

Over the course of a decade, Chad and his non-profit organization, Living Lands and Waters, have cleared away over 4 million pounds of garbage from America's rivers. As I sat and listened and laughed at energetic, spastic Chad tell his story I could see how his enthusiasm for the project has caught on. Not only caught on, but changed lives and more importantly the environment.

Sure, being green can be trendy... but it is also a passion.

Please click this ----> CBS News Video <---- to watch and learn about Chad and his focus. Meet the personality we had the pleasure of listening to and watching this morning for the final day of Trend Week.

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