Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Trend Week : Day 2

Um, wow.

Denyse Schmidt was here this morning and spoke to a large group of us eager Hallmarkers. For all you RISD students out there, she is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and (after a few other careers) is now an über quilter. Enjoy the eye candy and check out her site!



Hooflex said...

What trendy quilts! Ha. Well this is a lucky week for you... we are kinda un-trendy-ing, if you will, here at JBU. It is parents' weekend!!! So mamma and step-papa will be up here soon. So I guess we both have exciting weeks... and just wait... intern deadline is coming up (wink wink).

Josh said...

i'm glad you enjoyed that today too... she was spectacular... it almost makes ME want to quilt too.

Anonymous said...

josh, you too can be a quilter. live your dreams. :o)

great post, miss bess!