Thursday, February 21, 2008

Trend Week : Day 4

This is going to have to be quick because I have a full afternoon of meetings/brainstorming/launch kick-off/one-on-one with my manager...

Can't believe it's day 4 of Trend Week already. Today's speaker was Issa (can't help myself saying "the artist formerly known as" Jane Siberry.) She talked about her life, read her poetry and sang one of her songs. She spoke about accountability in everything you do. Also making sure that you are projecting the kind of energy that you want others to receive.

What really makes Issa different though is that she gives her music away for free... using what she calls "self-determined" pricing. This month she started offering "creative currency" as a payment option: in exchange for a download, you can choose to do a good deed— Earth-friendly deed, Elder-friendly deed or other— and her site will automatically post your choice for others to ponder.

I checked out her website when I got back to my desk and found that parts of it weren't fully up and running. But her writing is there under the journal tab and worth a look. Also be sure to visit the Sheeba webstore.

(from Sheeba webstore)
What is a Sheeba Spirit Store?
"This store model is based on the belief that:
People are good.
In trust, our best comes forward full force.
To treat others as we would like to be treaded is generous, not selfish.
Good living can still come from not trying to control things; in trusting in a wider sense of transactions.
We are "a part" more than "apart."

Things to ponder, not too long though, life is out there waiting.
The most important thing is that the music flow out to where it could bring enjoyment.
And THAT is the best thing you could give back to me.


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