Monday, February 18, 2008

crazy travel schedule = hard to blog x LOTS to share = long post (or a couple of mid-sized ones)

I'll keep the writing to a minimum -- a big step for me!

First and foremost, beautiful Savannah scenery from my trip to Savannah College of Art and Design fondly known to most as SCAD. This beautiful "campus" is located, well, throughout all of the historic district of Savannah, GA, so, it's not really a "campus" in the traditional sense. Very cool story how it all came to be, to learn more, check out these history tidbits.

Some eye candy for you (man do I miss the beautiful weather in the South):

The graphic design building, one of the first buildings that SCAD bought to restore and start the college.

Architectural color-so many unique and bold buildings!

Any literature buffs out there? I loved this book

Bill, my travel companion to SCAD and a studio manager in Animation here at Hallmark, enjoys blacksmithing -- he was impressed!

The Gryphon Tea Room on campus -- wish I had interior photos of the bright orange furniture -- so cool!

Love this

Shady front porches on which to drink sweet Southern tea all summer long...ah how I long for summer...

Yet another example of this old city's architectural charms

Well, there you have it -- the city was inspiring to me -- I felt so fortunate to be there for almost a week.

It wasn't just the city either... it was the many unique people I met within Savannah and within SCAD that really made my visit inspiring, memorable, and certainly worthwhile. Well, that and I stayed in a haunted hotel. Makes for a unique visit...

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Em said...

Nice photos E, just what I needed to see with all the snow here! I can't wait to go down there next month. -Em