Thursday, June 12, 2008


At Hallmark we have a cool trends department ran by Marita and Scott. They chose 8 employees to meet on a monthly basis to develop our research skills. I'm so happy to be in this group to sharpen my research skills. The group is called TrendPlant.

For this month's theme was customization. So I suggested we do a swap. What's a swap? Well, everyone makes a list of their likes and dislikes of their hobbies and such. Then we drew names and kept our swap partner a secret. Kinda like secert Santa. The swap theme was green, the color and eco-friendly items.

Here is a photo of everyone's packages today. They all look so nice!!!

These are some of the items I gave my swap partner.

This is the package I received.

I like to cook and I don't have any bamboo cooking utensils. So that was a super fun thing to receive!

After we opened our goodies Marita took us out to the Leawood, KS in•gre•di•ent location.

They've been open for a month. I've been to the Lawrence, KS once and they are opening one on the Plaza soon.

I ordered mahi tacos.

We ate outside. There were colorful chairs and a oversized plant bucket water fountain.

It was a fun afternoon. And it was work too!!!

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Bess said...

that sounds like a great day!