Thursday, June 26, 2008


Two year ago, this October, I was hired by Erin Mills (yes, the same Erin that started this blog) to work on Hallmark's "core" Humor team. I worked there making cards covered in monkeys and fart jokes and loved it. Just recently, I moved to the magical land of sound, light, and motion; a much more demanding environment. Which is why i am enjoying a delicious Tuscan Chicken Panini, and typing this over my lunch break. Before all of this though, I went to a small school called Kutztown University (the other KU) in Pennsylvania and majored in Graphic Design. Hallmark flew me out here, i loved it, and i moved half way across the country to be here. I'm slightly obsessed with the internet and I've been blogging since the birth of Xanga. Other than the internet, I also really enjoy the music scene, playing kickball and video games (what, i'm a guy). Now that I put everyone to sleep with my rambling, I will say how cool it is to be part of this Cre•a•tiv•i•team (see what i did there!?), with this group of wildly talented, fun filled girls. I think my main purpose for me being here though, is to bring some masculinity to this blog, so i'll do my best to deliver. Until then, peace out.



Bess said...

YAY!!! your first post. and you are a manly man, you manly man. WELCOME!!!

Anonymous said...

you blog like you talk, and i love it! by the way, yours is one of my favorite hiring stories -- patience is a virtue! :o) -e-