Monday, June 9, 2008

Father's Day is this weekend!

Check out these videos from a recent Hallmark video contest. In honor of our silly, crazy and goofy dads, the Daddy of All Dance-Offs was a competition held by Hallmark to find the nation's best dancing dad! Dads from all around the U.S. could submit a video of their fly dance moves in one of two ways: 1) at a contest location (complete with a stage and state of the art sound system) in one of several cities, or 2) online. Below are two of the winning videos. The first dad showed up to the Portland, OR stage location to show off his hip-hop skills, and the second had his kids film him jivin' in the kitchen of the family's home in St. Joseph, MO. Check out the other winning videos here.

Portland, OR Online

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Lorraine said...

YES!! I *love* this event. Looks like we'll be dancing during our Monday Meeting today... :D