Monday, April 28, 2008

SmartDesign :: Smart Car

As part of Earth Week at Hallmark, we had an exhibition of earth-friendly options for Hallmarkers: new earth-friendly product, ridesharing information, bus passes for purchase, recycling information, eco-goals for Hallmark's Corporate Headquarters, and sign-ups for eco-friendly volunteer events (like Wild Saturday at the KC Zoo, where you help clean up and plant new trees, flowers, and shrubs at the KC Zoo for a day).

There was something for everyone, but the most exciting part of the display for me was the SmartCar! I hadn't seen a SmartCar in person since I studied abroad in Roma, IT in 2003 (I think I was nearly run over by one several times... they are zippy little things!). It was yellow and oh-so-fun -- 10x better than the re-designed VW Bug and the Mini Cooper combined!

Oh, and if there's ever a SmartCar on display in your corporate headquarters, don't try to open the door..... car alarms are loud.... (In my own defense, I wasn't trying to steal it -- I'm a designer!! I like to look with my eyes and with my hands!)

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Unknown said...

Not to look like I stalk you guys, but I *do* work across the street: I saw the Smart Car in your round-about! I got so excited that I actually jumped up and down and pointed...the other designers thought I was nuts. So anyways, just thought I'd share that moment.

Aren't they cute cars?? I want one...