Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ok... so I'm always in search of a good time. If it involves art, even better. One of my friends was participating in Chalk Walk this past weekend. Chalk Walk, hosted by Mosaic Brain, a non-profit organization under the Historic Northeast Cultural Arts Commission whose mission is to inspire underserved youth and their families through artistic exploration and expression. I brought my friend, Amy, and my 8 month old, Maddox. I expected Maddox to lift up the piece of chalk and draw a masterpiece. Well, he seemed to be fascinated by a paper flyer instead (he's recycling in his own way). He tried to eat the chalk, and then I realized he destined to win a pie eating contest. I figured I'd leave the masterpieces to the professionals.

One of my favorite moments of the day was when this young boy and girl (about 5 years old) were walking around the chalk art and the little boy said to the girl "Don't step on the art, it's mean". I especially appreciated that after my friends drawing was stepped on by the same young girl and her dog, for the tenth time. Check out the website and volunteer. Here's some pics of the chalk art.

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