Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My new fave blog.

Ya know, I was chatting over an afternoon snack today with my friend Laura, discussing blogs. I still have some feelings of blog-design inadequacy, but then I realized, there are probably a million blogs out there, and not all of them can be more hip & more designerly that the others surrounding it on the www.

I got to thinking, do financial analysts blog about the latest interest rates on high yield savings accounts? Do mechanics blog about the latest hybrid fix-it techniques? Or, do paleontologists blog about how long-term physical changes of global geography, paleogeography, and climate paleoclimate have affected the evolution of life? If they do, I doubt that their blogs are filled with the latest hot eye candy... and I will bet that their blog header is just as plain as mine is. In fact, I'll bet that the authors on these blogs just simply don't give a rip about how their interface looks. It's content that matters, right?

We are our own worst critic: I surround myself with design, art, architecture, photography, illustration, and all things creative every day. Herein lies the reason I am having blog inadequacies... so, I decided to explore new blogs, outside of my everyday world.

Today, I explored the world of food blogs. Here is my new favorite: http://lunchstudio.blogspot.com/ Yum!

Oh, and by the way, I did find a pretty neat paleontologists blog, if you're into that sort of thing...

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Meg Biram said...

I am totally loving this blog! Thanks for telling me about it.