Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I should probably introduce myself.  My name is Jen- Yes, it was the most common name the year I was born. Luckily, it didn't hold me back from doing great things with my life. I'm a graduate of Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida. I moved to Kansas City to work for Hallmark.  My first week at Hallmark, a group of 60 of us went to see Hercules. Is this job for real, leaving work to go to a movie and free popcorn, too. Anyway, 11 years later, I've had some amazing opportunities here. I've always said, "since working is really not an option, Hallmark is a great place to spend my hours". I got a couple dogs, bought a house, met a great guy, and recently had a beautiful baby boy- all in that order. of course, with a few more interesting bits, along the way, but I was told to keep this PG-13. enjoy!! 


Erin said...

jen - welcome to the blog team! you are cracking me up - to our readers: jen is hilarious and talks exactly like she writes! love it jen! thanks for being on the team! -e-

Erin said...

p.s. sexy boots, and great hair!

Marcos said...

Hi Jen!
I'm Marcos, I'm one of the new interns this summer. I just graduated from Ringling also!