Monday, January 21, 2008

Make your pet a birthday card superstar!

Here's the deal: You send us your cute, silly, strange, funny pet photos paired with some of your very own birthday-themed writing. Be clever, be funny, be creative... be you. We'll pick the best and print them. Then you all vote for your favorite to select the Grand Prize Winner.

This contest will give you an opportunity to do many things...Here are the reasons you should check it out:

-You get to hang out with your pet until it does something cute, silly, strange, or funny
-You get to take a photo of your pet doing something cute, silly, strange, or funny
-It's a great opportunity to collaborate with another person to come up with some "birthday-themed" writing that is cute, silly, strange, or funny (let's face it, not all designers or photographers are great writers, and vice versa)
-You could win money, which is not cute, silly, strange, or funny -- it's just really fun to win money
-You could win a trip to Kansas City where you will meet some cute, silly, strange, and funny Hallmarkers during your very own photo shoot with your pet!

and if those reasons aren't enough....

-your card will be printed and sold in 10,000 participating Hallmark stores nationwide. Now that's not cute, silly, strange or funny either -- that is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (unless you end up working at Hallmark someday)!

To learn more about the contest, read contest rules and requirements, and submit your card designs, visit The Official Contest Site. Have fun!

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