Monday, January 21, 2008

Hit the road, Jack.

Hey friends! Been a LONG TIME since I have posted -- much has been happening since my last post, both exciting and challenging things, but all good things, even if they are hard sometimes. I'd rather not re-cap it all (and you'd probably rather not read it all), so let's start fresh.

Tomorrow I leave for the first trip of my recruiting season: John Brown University in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. I won't be flying, I'll be driving along with another Hallmarker, Bess, who is a designer in Greetings (I wrote about her in my AIGA posts from late summer 07). We're basically going to hang out -- get to know students and faculty, go to some graphic design, interactive design, illustration, and photography classes, give a couple of presentations, immerse ourselves in the creative culture there. I pretty much love trips like this -- I'm very excited for our visit!

Plus, it's a heatwave there: 43 degrees Fahrenheit tomorow (compared to 10 degrees here in KC today)... I think cold weather stifles creativity. See y'all soon!

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