Wednesday, January 23, 2008

John Brown University, Part II

Full day today at JBU -- but it was an excellent day. Here's the dl:

*5:55AM: text message from Bess "I'm not going to work out." Surprise surprise. Bess, I'm disappointed.
*6:00AM: on my way to the gym, dreading it, but interested to see the Aloha Tan diggs.
*6:05AM: made it to the gym (had to turn around twice...not because Siloam is big, but because I'm directionally challenged).
*6:55AM: realized that I'm not in very good shape. Darn. Left the gym to go take a shower. Then I felt better.
*8:00AM: met Bess for breakfast, then grabbed a coffee (we're going to try and fill an 8-drink punch card this week at City Coffee Company... I think we may end up filling two) and headed to campus.
*9:00AM: Met with sleepy class of Photo students (thanks for being attentive anyway, you guys -- I feel your pain: I had an 8:00 every day of my entire college career).
*10:00AM: Met with Mr. Andrus who helped start the creative majors at JBU -- y'all are lucky to have him. What a cool guy!
*11:00AM: Second photography class: a bit more lively this time around. Me and Bess were starving toward the end though.
*12:00PM: Lunch in "the caf" -- Now I understand how people who are interviewing at Hallmark feel when we bring them to our crazy cafeteria. Too many choices. Food overload. Grab the easiest thing, even if it's chopped liver (ok, I had a salad, not chopped liver).Thanks to the ten students who hosted our lunch -- we had a great time getting to know you all!
*1:00-1:30PM: Alex and Derrick took us on an educational tour of campus (no, there is not a man living in the historical campus cabin, but cats do live underneath it).
*1:30-3:30PM: Met w/ profs: Armstrong, Ward, Pohle. Bess and I decided that we want to go back to school (wow, can't believe I actually said that out loud...well, not really, but you know what I mean). This place is so inspiring! (P.S. Armstong gets the award for the coolest office decor. Andrus = best view. Ward = could benefit from Extreme Makeover, Office Edition).
*3:30-7:00PM: Meanwhile, back a the hotel, Put the finishing touches on our presentation for this evening.
*7:10PM: 13 pizzas arrive to Art building (thanks Heather!)
*7:30PM: Packed house, ready to roll!
*9:00PM: Presentation is a success. Thanks to ALL who came, and those who stuck around to chat more. Y'all rock.
*9:30PM: Finishing up chats with students and professors. Highlight: Bess has learned that she has eaten horse before, and Ward hasn't. Amazing!
*10:30PM: Back at hotel. Hangin with Bess, re-capping the day. We may or may not be having a few beers.Turns out, Oklahoma is only a few blocks away.

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