Monday, March 9, 2009

DJ Contest

On Saturday The Pitch held their Ultra Music DJ Contest for 2 tickets to attend this year's Winter Music Conference in Miami. In past years, The Pitch has sent the big winner to Miami, paying airfare and hotel and hooking them up with a gig. But with this year's economy they could only provide the two admission tickets. They could have cancelled the whole thing, but they felt the event was good for the DJs and the Kansas City music scene.

My husband Shaun entered and WON!

This was his 1st DJ competition. He was happy to be 1 of 5 DJs to compete out of 20 submissions. He was even more elated that he won.

Two of the judges were last year's winners, Nomathmatics. Better known to us Hallmarkers as John and Sheppa.

I had super fun as you can see from me dancing with some other Hallmarkers cuttin' a rug too! I think it's funny that The Pitch photo caption said, "Mrs. Shaun Duval well deserves her place on the pedestal." I'm not quite used to the "Mrs." title yet, but I'm so proud.

HA... us Halmarkers know how to get down though! Check The Pitch slideshow for more photos.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the quote about Mrs. Shaun Duval-and GREAT JOB to MR. Shaun Duval! P.S. KEION! Is that you dancing in the center of the photo??

Marcos said...


Jeanee said...

Yep that's Keion!

Josh said...

My first night out in Kansas City, the weekend before i started at Hallmark, i went to see Shaun DJ. So, he is a KC staple to me.

Jeanee said...

Awh! Thanks Josh :)