Wednesday, March 4, 2009

31 Veggie Burgers in 31 Days!

Ok. I have to tell you guys about a blog that a fellow Hallmarker is keeping this month. Sergio Moreno is a writer here for Hallmark's Sinceramente line and he LOVES veggie burgers.

Sergio is also turning 31 this month.

March coincidentally has 31 days in it.

Hmmmm.... 31 Veggie Burgers in 31 Days! <---click to see the blog.

Even if you don't love veggie burgers like Sergio does, the blog is worth a look. He is keeping a video diary of all the fun places he's going to eat, so you'll get to see some fine Kansas City establishments.

Oh, and Sergio also a black eye... which I'm hoping he shares the origin of by the end of his veggie burger journey. Bon appétit!


Jeanee said...

OMG! I hope he can find 31 veggie burgers in Kansas City, the capital of BBQ. As a vegetarian myself it is difficult to find a good veggie burger. So I'm looking forward to Sergio's eats. Plus he always has good suggestions of where to eat anyway. So this should be good.

And Sergio, how did you get a black eye?

Marcos said...

this is awesome!

Josh said...

i heard he got the black eye from getting in a fight with a cow. ;)