Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Z.L. Newton and KC Songwriters

Ah yes, I'm back. Have no fear. I haven't been around for a while because I've been working hard of lots of cool stuff I can't talk about. I'm sure you didn't even notice i was gone, but I'm sorry anyhow. As time goes by I am slowly becoming the token music guy. But that's a perfect role for me, because I just love it. Here's what's tonight:

Tonight, starting at 7, at Blayney's Irish Pub in Westport (415 Westport Rd.), they are holding part of the KC Songwriters Acoustic Showcase. If you are into folk music, you are in for a folkin' good time (sorry, some Shoebox-eque humor there). Pubs are the perfect atmosphere for it.

Maybe most importantly, one of Hallmarks own designers, Z.L. Newton (flyer pictured above) will be subbing in at the show at 7:30. He has a talent for story telling, and a shaky folk voice that's perfect to tell it with. He'll also have CD's for sale at the show, one of which is a brand new EP.

So, go, have a cold one and enjoy some music if you live in the area. And if you don't, try clicking on some of those links and giving the bands a listen.

The lineup is as follows:
7:00 Kaye Johnston
7:30 Z.L. Newton -
8:00 Elaine McMilian
8:30 Dan Divine

Sorry, I'm not sure if there is a cover.

Until next time,

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Z. Newton said...

Wowza... I'm flattered, to say the least! Thanks for the props and the plugs. Hopefully you all can make it out to a show sometime...