Wednesday, September 17, 2008

KC HomeGrown

Tonight, AIGA held an event at Rush Wade Photography showcasing some of Kansas City's own. Known nationally for their impact on the design community came Brady Vest from Hammerpress, and Ingred Sidie and Michelle Sonderegger of Design Ranch. The greatest impact to me was the sheer honesty and willingness to share how they really felt. There was an unexpected contrast between Brady, who still believes in a very "indie" outlook on his business (even with the significant growth of this company in the last few years), and Ingred and Michelle's corporate dealings with fun high-profile companies like Buckle and HR Block. What both companies definitely had in common was they clearly have a love for this city, and would only like to see the best things come from it. Each of them from the Midwest, they all seem eager to "expand the bubble" of the "truly" great things happening here.
Over all, it was an inspiring talk from three totally rad people, especially for the younger designers in the audience; sharing some of their triumphs and pitfalls of being in the "big-times". Not to mention "Fresher than Fresh" brought snow cones! This could be the first of many in this series so keep an ear out, it could well be worth your time.

I'm sure Erin would like to add a little more about this event (and maybe some pictures, if you are lucky), so stay tuned.


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Bess said...

Josh! 3 posts in a row! Great job! Fun hanging out with you at the AIGA event tonight too.