Thursday, April 23, 2009

Chalk Walk Festival

2nd Annual Chalk Walk Festival

Hello There!
I wanted to blog about Chalk Walk, happening this weekend in the Historic Northeast of Kansas City.

The festival runs Saturday & Sunday from 9 - 5pm. I signed up to be one of the artists, and I got a call yesterday that Chipotle would be sponsoring me! I get a 6 ft by 6 ft space, and I will be doing a Latin American inspired drawing. I'm really excited since I've never done anything like this before.

What I love about this event is that it benefits the Youth in the neighborhood where the festival will take place, by bringing in funds from the sponsors and using it for after-school arts programs.

More Info. Chalk Walk KC


Erin said...

marcos! that is so cool! i'll be out of town this weekend, or i'd stop by-be sure to take pics of your artwork, ok? have FUN! it's a great event!

Janette said...

Poster illustration by... KC's own Tad Carpenter! How funny -- that artwork is from one of last year's chalkings. (I was on the team!) Hope this weekend's creations got photographed before the rain came! :)