Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New on "Hallmarkers Who Blog" List

It seems that every day I meet a new fab Hallmarker... Dave M. is one of those people.

I have been in the Licensing Design Studio since September, and am getting to know more about my talented, funny, sincere, and diverse team here, of which Dave is a big part of. A 2008 Reuben Award Winner, illustrator, and designer for Hallmark, I can always count on him for a smile, a little-known fact, a silly story, or a great joke.

All joking aside, Dave is a great guy and his blog has some wonderful product, inspiration, and laughs -- check out his blog under "Hallmarkers Who Blog." Also, check out his People Page on Hallmark's PR site.


Jeanee said...

I think Dave should have his own comedy show. He's SO funny!

Dave said...

Jeanee-you're so nice. I usually think I'm so annoying. Believe it or not I do "self-edit" So imagine what I don't say. oooooh-I just scared myself.