Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hallmark Internships make Top 10 List

Our internship program was recognized by as one of the top 10 "most unusual" internship programs.

Hmmm... "most unusual" is a compliment, right?

YES! Keep in mind the diversity of internships we offer.... from engineering to design.

The criteria used to select which companies made the's Top 10 Internships list was:

Pay and perks
Because so many internships are unpaid, compensation definitely makes a difference. That doesn’t just mean cash, though: positions that offer interns housing, transportation and access to exclusive events are a huge plus as well.

On the job
The more engaging hands-on work and mentorship opportunities a program offers, the better. So when picking the Top 10 candidates, we choose positions that will enable interns to take their experience out into the postgraduate world by giving them a taste of full-time experience as well as networking opportunities.

Looking forward
Internships are meant to prepare students and recent grads for the future, whether by allowing them to try out different industries or narrow their focus to one. Job placement—the offer rate to interns for full-time jobs—was a factor. Also important: what we call “resume radiance,” a line on the resume that will impress future employers. A big name on your resume can propel you forward in any industry.

So to make the "Most Unusual" list the looked at what internships offered unique experiences to their participants that couldn't be found anywhere else, while still maintaining the quality of pay, perks, on-the-job experience and job placement, etc. that they expect from all of their top 10 internships.

YAY! We're unusual -- and not in that creepy neighbor sort of way!

Click HERE for the full list of all those honored.

And I guess sometimes our interns could be considered "unusual..."

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