Friday, August 15, 2008


Every year at Hallmark the Trends department has COLOR WEEK. It's a week full of inspirational presentations on color.

There is always a cool poster announcing the event. This year the members of TrendPlant were asked to make a poster and ALL of them would be posted. I was so happy and honored to be a part of this project and see my poster along with the other awesome designers in the group.

So here they are!

by Elizabeth

by Court

by Ralanna

by me, Jeanee

by Kristine

by Kim

by Dee


Erin said...

all of them are so nicely done! an additional note: the last poster, by Kim, features cut paper flowers (the white sheet has slits in it, revealing a colored sheet of paper behind the cuts). so fun!

Bess said...
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Bess said...

thanks for posting these, jeanee. i love seeing them around the building as well. great job!

Lorraine said...

Ooo: very festive! I'm actually working on a project for you guys right now: is there any chance I can get in touch with one of you about color trends? I'd like to incorporate it into my research/presentation if I can. Or is that top-secret-classified?