Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"What do you like about living in Kansas City?"

This is the question I get the most when talking with students and professionals about coming to work at Hallmark. This question, as well as, "So where is Kansas City located?"

A recent article in The Beeswax (a newsletter publication by a top local creative firm Willoughby Design Group) touches on a few of the reasons people love it here in KC. It's a great city (we're not biased or anything)! Here's the top ten from the article for your reading pleasure. Click the links to learn more and to see for yourself why KC is great!

10. Two words: Swing state. (Our vote counts!)
9. Three-hour flight to either coast.
8. “More boulevards than Paris, more fountains than Rome.”
7. The new Bloch Building at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.
6. The up-and-coming Power and Light District. (Welcome, Sprint Center!)
5. Parking: It’s cheap — and usually free.
4. Nothing like KC barbecue and jazz, local legends that have stood the test of time.
3. Thriving (not starving) artists, thanks to Hallmark, the Kansas City Art Institute, Johnson County Community College and more.
2. Breathtaking stars in 45 minutes or less.
1. The intelligence, compassion and creativity found throughout this community...

Oh, and the answer to the 2nd most asked question: Kansas City is located in Missouri and Kansas. Hallmark is located in Kansas City, Missouri, on the Missouri side of the state line.


David Brady said...

Hi Erin & Bess,
Kansas sounds like a great place! (a bit like Dublin!! - where I'm from). What do you guys do? Very cool blog. Love you to drop around to my place some time to give me some ideas about innovation!


Anonymous said...

Bess and I both work for Hallmark Cards, Inc in Creative -- I recruit designers, illustrators, writers, photographers, etc. and Bess is a designer. Thanks for stopping by, and we'll check out your blog as well! -e-

Wei-Shin said...

I had traveled to Kansas City a couple of time from Columbia, Missouri. I really love the city. Tried barbecue, stayed in Hyatt Crown Center for a week, and visited Hallmark, it is a clean and relax place to stay. Thanks for your blog. Lots of creativity.