Friday, March 14, 2008

1000 Journals

I bought Journal 1001 recently and was completely enthralled. Click here to learn what the 1000 Journals Project is all about!


Hooflex said...

dear erin and bess.
i don't know if we still come up in your little creative minds, but me and this boy i know named derek are getting ready to leave for a spring break journey in KC. are you there? maybe we will see you and have coffee. till then.


Erin said...

yes, bess and i are both in town this week (i just got back today, but am here thru the end of march). i hope you are checking this while you're spring-breaking to see my comment back -- yes, we need to get together! -e-

Bess said...

i emailed with alex and they are gone already. booo! but he is going to let us know next time they are headed this way. yay!

Hooflex said...

BOOO... but i've been checking out this 1001 Journals Project and I agree.... everyone should check it out and maybe we should get our own started since the chances are so slim.