Monday, August 27, 2007

New York Type Directors Club :: Hallmark Displays Traveling Exhibit

The Type Directors Club is an international organization founded in 1946. Members of this group include design professionals, typographic designers, and typophiles. Each year, the TDC has a competition. 2007 marked the TDC's tenth open Call for Entries for Type Design. All entries were judged by a panel of distinguished designers in January 2007.

Winning works are currently being exhibited in six traveling shows and will soon be published in Typography 28, the hardbound, all-color competition annual designed by Number Seventeen. The annual is published by CollinsDesign and is sold worldwide. We are fortunate enough to have the winning entries on display in the Creative Division Gallery (employees only) at Hallmark. Below are some of my favorites from the show. Enjoy!

Poster designed by Hallmark

Crane letterpress paper

Design :: Jonathan Nicol, Montreal, Canada
Client :: Zero Hertz

Designer :: coming soon!
Client :: coming soon!

Design :: Jed and Jennifer Heuer
Letterpress :: Abbey Kuster-Prokell

Designers :: Brady Vest and Matt McNary, Hammerpress, Kansas City, MO
Clients :: Houlihan's :: pipeline productions :: Jay Doc Health Clinic

Designers :: Nadine Fliegen, Silke Lohmann, Anne Schmidt & Rene Wynands, Bochum, Germany
Client :: Rheinisches Industriemuseum (LVR)

Design :: Katrin Adamaszek, Hamburg, Germany

Design :: Stephanie Yung, Toronto, Canada
Client :: Canadian Film Centre

Designers :: coming soon!
Clients :: coming soon!

Design :: Hans Seeger
Client :: Barbara Morgenstern

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