Friday, September 4, 2009

The Edge of Motherhood

Recently, Hallmark launched a line of greeting cards called The Edge of Motherhood. The line is designed to help moms connect with other moms to show them support, give them a good laugh, and let them know "hey, I've been there." The line is hilarious (and I'm not even a mom!) and has been getting great reviews, like this one from our new blog-friend Angela:

"These cards were so much fun! They have wonderful messages for moms and the children that they love. So many times we as moms need encouragement while we are doing the day to day task of raising our families. We need to hear that it’s okay that the laundry is piled up sometimes and that others know and care the hard work we are putting into the most important job in the world! These cards do just that: They are perfect for that mom that you talked to on the phone today that is feeling like a failure or just needs some encouragement. They will bring a smile to someones face who wasn’t expecting a card just because."

You can read Angela's full review and see which card she picked as her favorite by clicking here.

Here are a few that I have sent to my friends who are moms -- so much fun!

Inside: "Welcome to the 'do as I say and not as I did' years."

Inside: "Hope your birthday is free of bad-mommy moments."

Inside: "Also, I'm excited about your baby. But c'mon, those boobs! Dang, girl!" -- Note that this card's cover is editable, so you can put in the name of your friend and mom-to-be!


Anonymous said...

More buzz on Hallmark's "The Edge of Motherhood" cards!

Anonymous said...

Another mom out there is raving!

Thanks to all of the mom's who blog who are excited about "The Edge of Motherhood!"

And if you're not already, don't forget to become a fan on Facebook, where you can "meet" some of the writers of the line and hear what they are up to in their daily lives--SO fun! Go to Facebook and search "Edge of Motherhood" to become a fan!

Anonymous said...

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