Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New on "Hallmarkers Who Blog" List

We just added another fabulous person to the "Hallmarkers Who Blog" list: Ana R.! Below is part of her self-authored bio. I can picture Ana saying this out loud -- ah! Another woman who writes like she talks (that is a complement-we could be besties, girl). Keep rockin, Ana!

"Hello. My name is Ana Reinert and I am noticing that I kind of have enormous hair in this picture. Hindsight is always 20/20, isn’t it? Currently, I work as a graphic designer for a tiny little division of a great big greeting card company. Before moving to Kansas City, I lived and worked in Chicago, Albuquerque and Knoxville, TN. I never imagined I’d live in Kansas City but sometimes fate plays a hand in our lives and we just have to go with it. I am also a photographer, frequent doodler, knitter, blogger and a (crazy) cat lady. I obsessively collect office supplies, particularly pencils and pens but I can be swayed off the road by an art supply store as quickly as an Office Depot. Some things can’t be helped..."

Stop by and check out Sugaroni!


ana said...

Actually, I don't work in Shoebox anymore. (When was the last time I updated my profile!?!) Oops. Other than that, everything listed is fairly accurate.

Jeanee said...

Welcome! We need some FRESh posts!