Monday, January 26, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen... cre•a•tiv•i•ty and Hallmark's very own... JOSH D.!!

Not long ago, the Kansas City Area Development Council (KCADC) called Hallmark and asked if we had any employees who moved to KC when they graduated from college... Well, yes, we certainly do! They asked if we could put them in touch with someone who would be good in a video (a.k.a. a good speaker, friendly, charming, and of course, good looking...)

The video that KCADC was creating would be used to speak to candidates outside of the area (state... region...) about moving to KC. Naturally, Josh D., cre•a•tiv•i•ty blogger and Graphic Designer here at Hallmark was our #1 choice!

Josh moved to KC from Mohnton, PA straight out of the Communication Design program at Kutztown University. Check out what he had to say about living in KC by clicking

>> here <<

Thanks Josh, for agreeing to do this project, and for doing a bang up job! You definitely spoke to the questions on the minds of skeptics -- OH, and mentioned Hallmark, too. Well done, my friend. Well done! :o)


Josh said...

man, that josh guy looks like a huge dork! ;) thanks for the plug erin.

Anonymous said...

i don't think it's legal on a blog to sabotage your own video!! :-)

RCOMIRE said...

if i didn't already make the move...i would now! good job dusel.

Elizabeth Baddeley said...

woah! That girl moved here all the way from Oklahoma! No way. Maybe they should have tapped into a few more of our employees. Ha ha, but seriously, good job Josh!

Josh said...

thanks guys.