Monday, November 17, 2008

The Get Up Kids Reunion

After 3 years apart, the band that some claim "to have started it all" had reformed to play one night only at Record Bar in Kansas City, Mo. The Get Up Kids reunion show was barely publicized and was only allowed to house 250 people. Being that they were all back home for the holiday season, and they felt it was a good idea to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of their second release, Something to Write Home About (which is the record that sent them skyward). The set included every song off of that album, and an encore of some favorites. Matt Pryor, the lead vocalist, said "it was going way better than he expected" and it seemed like the band was happy to be playing shows together again. As a side note, they said they would try and do this at least once a year, and joked around about only playing at the Record Bar. Only in KC.

I took some photos and a video but because my camera is wonky, here is someone else's. Enjoy.


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